Collaborative Robot Applications


Collaborative Robot

A collaborative robot (cobot) is an industrial robot that can work alongside a human safely if configured properly. PRE-TEC believes in selecting the right tool for the job, and the cobot offers flexibility and solutions to situations in which traditional automation would not work.

Smaller Footprint

Less Lead Time

Cobots can require less lead time to implement, fit in a smaller footprint and can be quickly redeployed for other tasks on demand. Unlike catalogue suppliers, working with PRE-TEC provides end-users with a continuing resource as the tasks for the cobot scale and change.


Pre-Tec's Experience

PRE-TEC’s industrial integration experience ensures a cobot cell that is safe and effective system for your unique application.

Common Cobot Applications

  • Pick and Place/Palletizing with or without vision
  • Machine Tending (CNC Lathes, Mills or Press Brakes)
  • Assembly/Dispensing/Gluing
  • Material Removal (Deburring/Grinding/Sanding)
  • Welding and Weld Cell Tending