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Joining Solutions

We design and build custom automated Welding/Material Joining Solutions for a wide range of applications and materials, from steel to aluminum to even plastic. PRE-TEC’s joining solutions allow humans to work in partnership with robotics for faster, more consistent output, combining processes into a single cell to deliver a complete part ready for downstream operation. From the most basic automated solution to high-output multi-process solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Welding / Material Products

PRE-TEC has a full line of pre-engineered quick ship material joining products called FASweld®. The FASweld® (Flexible Automated Solutions) line provides a wide variety of material joining products to solve most industrial fabricating requirements.

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Dual Zone Systems

Custom welding cells with two work areas, combining robotics with human workers. While PRE-TEC has a complete line of pre-engineered (FASweld®) systems that we can customize for your needs, we also develop custom solutions that are unique to your operation

High Production Systems

PRE-TEC’s line-up of High Production FASweld® Standard Robotic Weld Cells are affordable, expandable, easy-to-use, and constructed of the highest quality industrial components.

Compact Systems

Need it simple? The FASweld® MINI is a compact tabletop or cart mounted robotic welder.  This system is perfect for augmenting production of smaller parts that may be tedious to weld manually, yet must be fabricated repeatedly with repeatable high quality welds. A perfect addition to enhance your production needs.

Collaborative Systems

Interactive, collaborative welding cell allowing a person to work safely in the same space as a robot. The robot can complete a welding task while a person is completing another.

Custom Systems

Using fundamental design principles, we create custom solutions to manage your production requirements.

Case Study

The Complex Angles Solution

The Problem

A customer came to us with uniquely-designed frames with highly complex angles that were posing a challenge to process automation. To achieve the required results for the end product, they were being forced to hand weld these frames, increasing the time required in production..

The Approach

To change this limitation and move toward automation, the customer teamed up with PRE-TEC’s welding engineers to first develop a concept and then construct a full production automated welding system. The unique design with a full 14 axes of motion uses two robots and a drop center positioner to fully reach and automate all difficult to weld areas on the entire frame. Each robot uses 2D IRvision guidance to ensure proper part fit up and weld verification.

One of the main features that streamlines the automation is the ability to change out the entire fixture and frame at the same time using an automated coupling device. This allows fabricators to load and unload fixtures with only a slight pause between frames.

The Result

According to the customer, “the system PRE-TEC delivered not only brought the fabricated component output to the next level with a reduction in labor cost per unit, but also does so with the high level of quality expected in [our product].” The customer has since added another of these systems to their line.



PRE-TEC has a well-trained, experienced team of technicians, offering unrivaled service and support.  Our offerings include installation, support, product training, preventative maintenance programs, spare parts and ongoing service, support, and consultation services.  We are a nationally recognized customer support and service provider with a customer-centered philosophy.

Our Services Include:

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