Application Products

PRE-TEC’s products have evolved into flexible solutions that have stood the test of time. Repeat requests for self-contained cells have allowed PRE-TEC to develop “pre-engineered” platforms for specific applications.

Material Handling

In the manufacturing of parts or complete products, material handling is a key function.

Parts can end up being handled too often, or may travel long distances between operations. Let us help you determine how a robot can add value to your parts and make your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

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PRE-TEC machine tending cells provide you with a turn-key solution—not just a robot. The cells are built for quick deployment and impact on your operation. Configurations accommodate up to three machine tools. The cells are built with painted flooring supported by structural steel segments. The platform accommodates robot cables, pneumatic plumbing, and Ethernet communication circuits, as well as having mounting locations for secondary ‘op’ tools or inspection devices.

Robotic assistant to work in conjunction with existing automation. Frees employees to work on additional value added tasks.
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Robotic machine tending on a horizontal machining center of a pallet system can allow for a 'lights out' operation.

Flexible robotics provide integrated load, unload, and QC operations for 'lights out' CNC machine tending.

Material Finishing/Post-Production Marking

When manufacturing parts out of a material—whether the process starts with a block, sheet, plate, extrusion, or casting— a finishing step is always required. Sanding? Let our sales engineers help you find the correct solution for your operation.

Let us help you find a flexible automated solution that can make your operation more cost effective. What material finishing solutions do you need? Deburring? Polishing? Routing?

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We partner with REA JET Industrial Coding to provide our customers with top of the line inkjet marking equipment for a variety of applications. Whether barcoding, package marking, logos, steel—you name it. If you need to mark it, contact us and we can help you identify the correct technology to use in your application.
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Polishing is one type of material finishing. When sitting on a commercial airliner, did you ever consider how the manufacturer was able to make an engine cover fade into the background and just look like it always belonged there? What about the fuel tanks on a big rig rolling down the interstate? The surface you see took work!

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Our sales staff and sales engineers can provide more information about our services and custom robotic technologies.

Contact us today for an engineering review of your needs.