Material Solutions

We design and build custom a­utomated Building Material Solutions for a wide range of applications, including tagging, patch and plug, spray booth, spray application, wrapper, and stencil/striper system. Our solutions are custom designed to fit allocated space and can be installed quickly to ensure customers are back up and running with minimal downtime.


Finishing System

PRE-TEC’s All-In-One Multi-Process Finishing System combines several centrally controlled subprocesses, including the Gen 5 LPS Robotic Spray Booth, the PRE-TECtor Robotic Cardboard Applicator, the Robotic Inkjet Stencil System, and the Robotic Labeler.

Combining these processes into one system simplifies operations and maximizes flexibility while minimizing footprint.

Product Sheet

Building Material Products

Based on more than 25 years of experience and expertise, our building material products offer custom-designed solutions for our customers’ specific production needs.

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Marking Systems

Marking systems allow wood products manufacturers to mark their products for market—be it a company logo or building product technical identification. Our marking systems use paints or inkjet technologies depending on product requirement.

Liquid Dispensing

PRE-TEC specializes in challenging industrial applications involving dispensing of high viscosity materials, glues and adhesives, polyurethane compounds, moisture sensitive, thixotropic substances, and other reactive products.

Finished Product Retention

Protect goods during the shipping process and beyond.

Case Study

Freres Wood

The Problem

PRE-TEC installed a pilot project more than a year ago by Corvallis Tool Company (CTC) in Philomath. The pilot project was a success, so the next puzzle was figuring out how to integrate this into the Freres Wood’s existing line and to fully utilize the cutting head, which had plenty of capacity.

The Approach

After working through a multitude of concerns like space, production capacity, and integrating two robots in the same space, the project was implemented and is truly a sight to behold.

The Results

PRE-TEC delivered on a one-of-a-kind project for the Freres Wood Mass Ply facility. Freres Wood has seen improvements on joint quality and performance, increased production, and labor reduction on the line.

What Customers are Saying

Customer Stories

"PRE-TEC doesn’t back down from challenges. Freres wanted to install a new line relying on three robots, but two are feeding product to the same machine, adding layers of complexity to the project. Freres’ intent from the project was to improve their product quality, reduce downtime, and double production, and we worked with them to ensure the installation met all these goals. The project was a success, and we look forward to working with them on future innovative projects."

Kyle Freres, Vice President of Freres Wood


PRE-TEC has a well-trained, experienced team of technicians, offering unrivaled service and support.  Our offerings include installation, support, product training, preventative maintenance programs, spare parts and ongoing service, support, and consultation services.  We are a nationally recognized customer support and service provider with a customer-centered philosophy.

Our Services Include:

  • Flexible Automation Solutions Engineering
  • Installation Support
  • Product Training
  • Maintenance
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