Material Products

Based on more than 25 years of experience and expertise, our building material products offer custom-designed solutions for our customers’ specific production needs.

Material Products

Marking Systems

Improves product marketability by coding/labeling finished goods or goods in process

The Robotic Inkjet Stencil System uses a FANUC robot with a custom end-of-arm tool. The tool includes marking heads for customer logos and product information as well as spray guns for striping.
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Robotic tagging of stacked lumber provides rapid throughput, consistent placement, and reliable quality while improving workplace safety and decreasing the cost of highly repetitive tag application.

PRE-TEC’s stencil/striper system accommodates up to three colors. The self-cleaning stencil module efficiently applies water-based stencil paint to the side of product stacks. The end stripe application applies up to five stripes on the leading and trailing ends of the product stac

Designed for use in line with and controlled by our building products finishing systems, the label applicator uses a vacuum tool to pick and place labels from the printer, and then automatically staples each corner of the label. PRE-TEC has both fixed automation and robotic versions available.
Material Products

Liquid Dispensing

Reduces product material waste, improves consistency, and upgrades product quality of finished goods.

Metering or Dispensing?
In the industry we frequently hear metering and dispensing in the same sentence. Some use the term interchangeably. So, what is the difference?


PRE-TEC’s robotic veneer plugging and plywood patching systems are flexible solutions that allow users to retool their lines, increase throughput, enhance the product quality, and move labor to more value-added assignments.

The PRE-TEC Extrusion System provides accurate adhesive spread to a substrate. Glue is delivered to the fluid on/off valve and extrusion head via a pressure pot, supply pump, or metering system.

Our custom metering, proportioning, and dispensing systems fit a variety of industrial applications that require accurate proportioning and dispensing of single- and multi-component liquid materials. The systems are designed to meter and dispense multi-component paint, polyurethane, epoxy, and a variety of adhesives.
Material Products

Finished Product Protection

Protects goods during the shipping process and beyond

The PRE-TECtor® Robotic Cardboard Applicator automatically singulates, applies, and secures cardboard protector sheets to the sides of OSB or plywood panel stacks. It has been designed for stand-alone use, or it can be placed in line with PRE-TEC’s Robotic Spray Booth and Stencil/Striper System.
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PRE-TEC’s Gen 5 LPS Robotic Spray Booth is designed to apply water-based sealer to the ends and sides of stacks of wood with precision and accuracy to save you time and money. PRE-TEC was the first in North America to employ robotic automation in a wood products’ spray system application. Using PRE-TEC's previously proven components in conjunction with a six-axis robotic arm, the booths have greatly increased paint transfer efficiency and dispensing system reliability. Now in its fifth distinct generation, we continue to improve and innovate the product line.
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Robotic Spray Applications for OEM products is another innovative solution PRE-TEC offers. Automating the spray application of WVCO’s POLYQuik Polyurea products is a perfect solution to shorten the production time required to spray parts and improve quality.

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