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Repeat requests for self-contained finish cells have allowed PRE-TEC to develop and offer “standard platforms” that fit customers’ needs for grinding, polishing or sanding cells.


material finishing cell

Material Finishing Cells

PRE-TEC’s finishing cell was designed for industrial manufacturers striving to increase their productivity and move personnel into positions that provide greater value added benefit to their organization. Cell configurations consist of a robot, and one or two secondary devices capable of performing, grinding, polishing, sanding or deburring operations. Additional features can be added to the process through the use of vision or force compliance. The cells are built on standard size platforms that are open or enclosed and configured to allow the addition of air evacuation.




machine tending cells

Machine Tending Cells

PRE-TEC machine tending cells provide you with a turn-key solution - not just a robot. The cells are built for quick deployment and impact on your operation. Configured in two sizes, 10’ x 10’ or 12’ x 12’, they accommodate up to three machine tools. The cells are built with painted flooring supported by structural steel segments. The platform accommodates robot cables, pneumatic plumbing, and Ethernet communication circuits as well as having mounting locations for secondary ‘op’ tools or inspection devices.





robotic welding cell

Welding Cells

Placing a robotic welding system in your operation has the potential to more than triple your production. Robot OEMs and welding power supply manufacturers have partnered to offer packages for MIG or TIG applications. Cell choices are based on standard platforms that are compact in size and offer rotary table or head and tailstock options. All robotic welding cells are built for quick deployment. Let PRE-TEC’s expertise assist you in determining if a pre-engineered cell or a custom built solution will best fit your needs.

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