Pre-Tec Enhances Robotic Weld Cell Automation

Pre-Tec is committed to improving time to market and using resources efficiently through robotic automation. The unique line-up of FASWeld Standard Robotic Weld Cells developed by Pre-Tec are built for companies using automation for the first time, as well as customers looking to expand their robotic automation capabilities. Each system is developed using the highest quality industrial components.

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Committed to Innovation

PRE-TEC has moved to a new building located at 990 Owen Loop North, in Eugene Oregon. The integrator moved from its 38,000 sg ft. facility at 675 McKinley Street, to a new 110,000 sg ft. building with over 60,000 sg ft. of manufacturing space.

General Manager, Stan Reynolds commented, “ By more than doubling our manufacturing base, we are able to better serve our customers, and have room for future growth.” In addition to the PRE-TEC Division, all the groups at the corporate headquarters on Arrowsmith Street are now also in the Owen Loop building.

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SCARA Robots to Improve Process Line Efficiencies

PRE-TEC is committed to providing industry-leading, flexible, automated solutions through robotic integration. The new Fanuc SCARA robot line now offered by PRE-TEC introduces new opportunities for our customers to make use of a cost effective and robust product for their small, fast, and simple applications.

The Fanuc SCARA robot line is the new standard in that product line for precision high-speed picking and tracking and easy integration into process lines and systems. Using a limited workspace, the SCARA robot is able to reach a large pick and place area.

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